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Sandy Creek Primary School creates a learning environment that caters for every students’ needs. We uphold a community that values every individual, and we continually strive for excellence in learning and wellbeing. A calm and positive culture throughout the school creates a space that allows children to feel comfortable and safe.

Approximately 90 students attend Sandy Creek PS, with 4 classrooms accommodating these students. Our specialised subjects are Japanese and Digital Technology. We have a strong cultural and language exchange program which involves students regularly interacting with students in Japan at our sister school in Minami Aiki Village, Nagano. We have held regular exchange visits and trips with Japan since 1996 and are planning another trip in 2023.

We work very hard to provide all students, regardless of academic ability, with the best possible support in the classroom and in the school environment. We provide many hours of SSO support in the classrooms to assist our teachers and our students. We also provide students with opportunities to participate in specialised support programs such as MiniLit, TooSmart and What’s the Buzz where needed to support and extend their learning and wellbeing.

We have a strong flavour of Digital Technologies throughout the school. Students are able to access iPads, laptops and a dedicated computer area. Students learn the basics of computer science and programming. The aim of our technology use is to add value to our learning.

Our picturesque and spacious grounds are a lovely environment for students to learn, play and grow. We have beautiful nature play areas and ‘Friendship Walk’ which was created at the end of 2021. Sandy Creek and Cockatoo Valley are part of a very tranquil and relaxing area of the state. Explore our school using the below link to experience a virtual tour.

Please contact the school if you would like any more information.

( Last Updated: 18-May 2023 )