Number Games

Numbers games Addition and subtraction
Mental addition and subtraction
Play 'Bargain Hunt' with David Dickinson.
Written addition and subtraction
Add by splitting with the amoeba game.
Addition and subtraction problems
Play the problem solving conveyor belt game.
Handling data
Times tables
Learn your times tables.
Mental multiplication
Play the fridge magnets game.
Multiplication problem solving
Use the conveyor belt to solve problems.
Written multiplication
Play the amoeba multiplication game.
Mental division
Play the fridge magnet division game.
Written division
Play the amoeba division game.
Division problem solving
Use the conveyor belt to solve division problems.
Handling data
Reading times and dates
Match times with 'Only Fools and Horses'.
Calculating time
Convert between times and dates.
Converting lengths
Convert between cm, mm and metres
Simplifying fractions
See fractions side by side.
Introduction to %
See what percentages look like.
Introduction to fractions
Divide a pizza to see what fractions mean.
Comparing fractions and percentages
See fractions and percentages side by side.
Comparing fractions and percentages
Can you match the pairs?
Finding percentage parts
See percentages being worked out.
Finding fraction parts
See fractions being worked out.
Comparing and ordering fractions
Find the largest fraction in the Dolphin racing game.
Comparing and ordering fractions
See fractions in action and side by side.
Comparing all 3
Can you match the pairs?
Comparing decimals and percentages
Can you match the pairs?
Comparing fractions and decimals
Can you match the pairs?
Handling data
Understanding averages
Work out your weekly shopping bill.