Word Games

Making sentences
Spot the sentence.
pot where the commas should be.
Can you 'Beat the clock'?
Putting sentences together
Test your sentence skills.
Personal pronouns
Get rich hunting for treasure.
Go on a treasure hunt.
Verb-subject agreement
Gather riches with verbs and subjects.
Double negatives
Help Joanne succeed in a job interview.
Can you make adverts more interesting?
Play 'Destination Impossible'.
Confusing words
Fill in confusing words crosswords.
Words that sound the same
Play the Pairs Word game.
Letter patterns
Find the hidden words in these wordsearches.
Build the perfect robot.
Plural rules
Catch fish with the gnomes.
Look, say, cover, write and check
Improve your spelling with this classic game.
Silent letters
Save the world from the 'Silent Invaders'.
Types of text
What are the different types of text trying to say?
Discover who killed Angela Spelling.
Can you solve the murder?
Virtual traveller
Listen to the audio and plan your travel diary.
Back to top Listening
Listening for information
Listen to messages and fill in the gaps.
Casualty challenge
Could you get a job on the 'Casualty' team?