Sandy Creek Primary School

Sports Policy

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the policy is to ensure the provision of opportunities to children at Sandy Creek P.S. to develop and enrich their lives through sport.

To this end, the Policy contains a framework and guidelines for the responsibility to the development, organization and conduct of junior players.

1.2 Objectives

To acheive the stated purpose the following objectives for junior sport have been identified.

To provide sporting opportunities for students attending Sandy Creek P.S. outside of school hours.

To provide students with a supportive environment to enjoyable participation while being part of a team.

To provide the safest possible environment for the conduct of junior sport.

To provide opportunities for students to learn social and team sporting skills.

To provide equal opportunities for all members of Sandy Creek P.S. to participate in sport.

    1. Rationale

    2. This policy is premised on the principles of social justice and the belief that sport, when presented and organized properly, is and important educational and developmental area that offers benefit to both individuals and the school community.

      This policy is developed with the knowledge and information extracted from the National Junior Sport Policy.

    3. The Participants

    4. Membership of any Sandy Creek Primary School Sporting Team will be restricted to children who are enrolled at the school.

      If a team member leaves Sandy Creek Primary School part way through a season, they will be eligible to complete that current season under the provision that they have played not less than three games for Sandy Creek P.S. in that season.

      All children at Sandy Creek P.S. have the right to participate in team sports provided that:

      The sport is at an appropriate level to their interest and abilities.

      The correct school sporting uniform is worn.

      Wherever possible a suitable coach for the particular sport is put in place. Participation in coach education, first aid and accreditation courses is to be encouraged. Sandy Creek Primary Sports Committee, as a sub committee of the School Council will consider subsidizing courses for coaches.

      In the event that a forfeit occurs Sandy Creek P.S. can lend or borrow members from the other team to enable a scratch match to occur.

      The Code of Behavior is followed:

      There will be a logical progression of experiences that will assist all young participants to develop fitness, skills, knowledge and positive attitude through playing in a team sport.

    5. Behavior Code

    6. Play fairly and safely.

      Play by the rules.

      Co-operate with coach, team-mates and opponents.

      Abide by decisions, without argument or bad temper.

      Applaud all good play, by own team and opponents.

      Any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with by the coach at the time and if necessary, at school level.

    7. Role of coaches (The word "Coach" shall mean an appointed school staff member or organizer/s of the relevant sporting event/s)

    8. Encourage enjoyment of sport.

      Cater for varying ability so that all students have a fair go in practice and competition.

      Provide equal encouragement to girl’s ad boys to participate, acquire skills and develop confidence.

      Recognise and cater for groups with special needs.

      Recognise exceptionally talented students and give them the opportunity to develop their full potential.

      Prepare and conduct sessions based on sound coaching principles.

      Set realistic standards and objectives for the students.

      Put more stress on effort than outcome.

      Educate students and parents on health and safety in sport.

      Ensure that the consequences of inappropriate behavior are clearly understood by all children, parents and supporters.

      Keep up to date on junior sport coaching developments.

      Set an example of good sporting and social behavior.

      In the event of training session/s and after school activities, coach/s and parents are to exchange contact phone numbers. A start and finish time must also be given.

    9. School and Community links

    10. Close community and school links must be established to:

      Ensure a co-ordinate delivery of sport.

      Enable school to provide the use of facilities, both during and after school hours.

      Share resources including facilities, equipment and human resources.

    11. Safety Guidelines

Take into account the ways in which the physical and emotional maturity of the student differs from adults.

Take into account any long term or short term medical condition students have.

Ensure facilities and equipment is appropriate and safe. Access to toilets and a telephone is enabled for after school practice sessions.

Ensure students wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Ensure that coaches have adequate first aid knowledge and first aid kit readily available when coaching.

Ensure adequate fluid intake before and during all sessions.

Organisers of sporting events have the responsibility to protect students from dangers of exposure to the sun. Especially with the wearing of hats and application of 15+ sunscreen if outdoors and wearing of protective clothing when necessary.

Children are more susceptible to heat loss and gain, therefore sporting sessions should not be of a long duration in conditions of extreme temperature or humidity. (Longer than 30 minutes in temperatures about 30 degrees and humidity over 50 percent)