Sandy Creek Primary School

Student Participation

OBJECTIVE: To provide students with greater access to information and decision-making across all aspects of the school.

Our objective will be achieved through the implementation of successful:

Class meeting structures that will allow all children to participate in decision making in an active and responsible manner.

Meeting structures that allow the general student voice to be presented and opinions actively debated to arrive at the best decisions for all students.

S.R.C (Student Representative Council.) The year 5-7 class will be represented by 6 elected students. The 3-4 class by 4 elected students and the R-2's, 2 elected children.

Training of SRC representatives provided by the SRC liaison teacher.


Class Meetings:

Class meetings will occur once a fortnight. Students will be encouraged / trained to use meeting procedures - chairperson, minute secretary, time keeper, observer.

SRC Teacher:

Will be responsible for facilitating SRC meetings, communicating to staff, parents and the general student body as negotiated with the SRC.

SRC report given at assemblies as required.Reports presented to School Council about twice a year and handed to the Principal and Chairperson of the School Council.

Minutes of all SRC meetings are posted in classrooms, given to all school staff and SRC representatives and put in the newsletter.

The SRC teacher will coordinate SRC elections in conjunction with staff.

The SRC teacher and representatives will provide a program of anticipated activities to the principal.

Executive roles defined, training given as required to SRC representatives.


  • To provide students with greater participation and representation in decision making.
    • To liaise with Principal and staff - to share students' ideas to make our school even better.
    • To decide upon and organise activities to raise money and support chosen charities and school projects.


  1. Wear correct uniform at all times.
  2. Act responsibly, be organised and helpful.
  3. Respect school rules and property.
  4. Work cooperatively with staff and students.
  5. Be a good role model for other students at school, in class, yard and in the community.
  6. Be an active listener and contribute positively to group discussions.
  7. Bring folder, memo, pencil to every SRC meeting.
  8. Give S.R.C report at class meetings.
  9. Be prepared to report class views / decisions or any other matter from class meetings ( regardless of personal opinions)
  10. Display minutes of S.R.C meetings in classroom.
  11. Be prepared to organise and speak at assembly
  12. Support S.R.C activities to help raise money and support charities and school projects.


We, the elected Student Representative Council of Sandy Creek Primary School pledge to represent the interests of all students in our school for the benefit of the whole school community.