Japanese Language and Cultural Exchange Program

Sister School – Minami Aiki Elementary

A feature of our school is the Japanese Cultural Exchange Program. Japanese has been our Language Other Than English subject from 1990 and it involves every child in the school. Since 1997 we have had an intensive exchange program with our sister school Minami Aiki. Minami Aiki school is located in a small village in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. Like us it is only a small school. Every year its year 6 class visits Sandy Creek. Since Covid we have had a few years without this wonderful experience, but are excited to welcome our friends back and travel ourselves in 2023. The children are billeted with local families and the children of the two schools share learning together. Every second year our senior class has the opportunity to visit Japan and likewise be billeted with local families in the village.

Also as a part of the program the opportunity exists for South Australian teachers to be employed for a year in the village school teaching English. So far two of our past staff have enjoyed this experience with their families in what they say has been the experience of a lifetime. The position is advertised by our exchange coordinator and promoted through the JLTASA and successful applicants are then recommended to the village for their approval.