Japanese Language Program

Engaging and inspiring each other through language

Language lessons at Sandy Creek Primary school connect with whole school learning themes and connections with Japan. Our older students regularly interact with their peers in our Japanese sister school through video calls and the Flip platform. Technologies aid our language learning significantly and build engagement.

Classes regularly interact with each other through Quizizz, Gimkit and Blooket. We have even participated in small live competitions and games with other schools in the Barossa during lessons. Traditional methods of learning are still highly valued alongside this, with students working at their own pace to master the different scripts of Japanese.

In 2019, we were the lucky recipients of an Innovative Language Program grant from the South Australian Department for Education.

As part of the research process, we developed a teaching and learning method using the Seesaw platform as a basis for sharing our ‘broadcasts’. 

Japanese Torii with Cherry Blossom

2023 House Challenge

Encouraging and working together

Students and families at SCPS have the opportunity to participate in our annual Barossa inter-school Japanese competition called the ‘House Challenge’. Participants are sorted into one of 4 teams and compete using Quizizz multiple choice quizzes online throughout the year. Below is the current score tally’s for the teams. The teams are: Teal and Rose-Gold, Orange and Blue, Purple and Yellow and Red and Black.